leitura do dia

When love is just a four letter word – Understanding the borderline personality

The Borderline could make statements to you about needing to break it off – but the very instant you agree, or confirm that this is possibly a sound choice, they’ll accuse you of wanting out!

Borderlines bandy about the word ‘love’ with casual abandon. You’ll want to believe them when they say it – but most Borderlines are pathological liars; it’s simply become part of their survival strategy, since childhood. They can easily hide sexual and emotional affairs from their partners, and if you’re stupid enough to think it won’t happen to You, think again!

A Borderline makes you feel responsible for their deceitful and manipulative behaviours; they could make you believe that if you just married them, they’d be devoted only to you, and life would be marvellous – but don’t buy it! The truth is, the closer you get to a borderline disordered person, the more they freak-out and push you away.

You might want to escape this toxic relationship, but you just can’t imagine “abandoning” your Borderline. Let’s be clear: A Borderline’s troubles started long before you came along, and you’re not going to rewrite their history, no matter how hard you try! You are not ‘abandoning’ this person, you’re simply leaving to take better care of You!

Esta devia ser a leitura de todos os dias.

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