put on the ghostface
stagger to my place
we can fuck up the night
get fucked till it’s light

the balcony hangs from two threads
the steeple it teeters half-dead
the Basilica sings silver bells
we all could be happy in hell

put on the ghostface

put on the ghostface
stagger down to the Docks
we’ll get locked in the Baixa
stretch it thin in Bairro Alto

we’ll get caught in the headlights
spillin’ tricks from the bag
our old bag of tricks
ripped right down the side

put on the ghostface

down Rua Dom Pedro
to Largo Do Carmo
see the rivets and ravens
the whole wasted ensemble

you said tonight
every vision
will be stricken with charm
the hangovers started
the millenium’s bombed

put on your ghostface

Chris Eckman
“A Janela”

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